Alexia Markopoulos was born with a pen in her hand. Literally. Within the womb a pen grew from her fingertips. It had to be removed upon birth. Because of this it is no surprise she found passion in illustrating, painting, and writing about the strange. 

Alexia is a Surreal Cartoonist and Contemporary Portrait artist living in the dirty part of Los Angeles. She realizes dirty is not specific enough for LA. Her work is tied together by her sense of humor and obsession with science fiction and fantasy. She likes to shock the eye with color, conjure unusual imagery and create interesting narrative that produces both grin and grimace. When sketching and brainstorming she lies on her pink and blue couches, and consults her skeleton roommate.

She attended San Francisco State University, graduating with a Creative Writing degree with an emphasis in Art History. There she was able to rediscover her earliest influence, Salvador Dali, and study artists, like Marcel Duchamp, that have influenced her comedic and surrealist style. Her artistic inclinations also lean toward writing. She wrote a science fiction dark comedy novel “Bad Moon Rising” and is pursuing publication. As an Art Instructor, Alexia is able to practice her craft every day, explore new mediums and draw inspiration from the unfiltered minds of her students. Her unique portraiture brings in consistent commissions and her illustrations adorn the walls of many homes.

Alexia is open for commission, and her work is available for purchase. She recently finished her latest commission: a large oil portrait of a Rococo woman in her contemporary pop style. It, and two other portraits, are currently on display at the San Diego County Fair Art Exhibit.